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CCE Certification

What is CCE?

CCE is short for Colorlight Certificated Engineer, which is the technical certification service that Colorlight provides to the dealers, project contractors, manufacturers, and technicians in the LED industry, in order to help the customers to improve their technical abilities and professional service abilities about LED control system.

01Content of the Course

Content of the Course
Receiving SeriesModels, differences, and applicable projects of Colorlight’s Receiver Cards
Sending SeriesProduct characteristics and applicable scenarios of Colorlight’s Sending Series products
Offline Networking SeriesFunctional characteristics, offline applications, cluster management of Colorlight’s offline system products
Accessory SeriesUse and operations of Fiber Optical Transceiver and Multi-function Card
System DebuggingHardware connections and Software settings
Firmware UpdateHardware firmware update of Receiver Cards of different models
Play&Control SoftwarePartameer settings, program editing and playing of play & control software
Calibration & Soft EdgeFundamental principles of calibration, functions of precise Soft Edge, and common problems and solutions of Calibration
Common problems and troubleshootingCommon problems and troubleshooting
Project DesignDesign proposals for Regular screens, special-shaped screens, extra-long screens, 3D screens, etc


Colorlight's sales personnel and our customers.

03Training plans

Curriculum PlanTimeAddress
Beginner's ClassThree Days(9:00-17:00)5th Floor, Baiwang Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Intermediate Class

04Training Costs


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