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The outdoor LED display how to cope with the harsh climate environment

  Outdoor environment is the earliest and most common application of LED display screen, LED display size from tens to hundreds of square meters, in order to expand the audience's vision, to strengthen the effect of outdoor advertising, usually the LED display installed in the rooftop and other high open area. At such a high position, there is nothing to keep the LED display from the wind of lightning, so, LED display need to strengthen its IP to cope with the harsh environment.

  International protection of the LED display
  The outdoor display size is large, and most of them are installed in a place where the person is more intensive, so we should pay attention to international protection of the LED display, especially in the area of frequent typhoons. The design should consider some factors, such as the basis of steel structure, wind load, waterproof, dustproof, moisture etc., the international protection of LED display is IP65 or above, to extend the service life of the LED display, enhance reliability.

  Lightning protection and grounding to prevent leakage accident
  LED display main body and shell need to be grounded; the grounding form is independent or set up to the outer wall of a building according to the LED display.
  At the same time, electronic components with high integration in the LED display screen, the sensitivity requirements of LED display anti-jamming is also more and more high. In order to minimize electromagnetic interference, the electromagnetic interference is usually installed on the display and building.
  Good ventilation and heat resistance to resist high temperature
  Outdoor LED display will generate heat, if the environmental temperature is too high and the heat dissipation, maybe the LED chip and the relevant IC work will not normal, and even burned, so that the LED display system can not work, so the outdoor LED display screen to install a fan or air conditioning, especially for a long time work in the tropics, and subtropics regions.
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