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New business opportunities, LED display in theme park

Along with the upgrading of China's tourism and entertainment industry, in recent years, China has set off a theme park construction boom, which brings new business opportunities for LED display industry.

Recently, TWX.NYSE and DWA.NASDAQ announced that will jointly invested 2000 thousand Yuan to creating an area of 10 square kilometers in Zhuhai, it will become the largest theme park in the world. Overseas Chinese Town, the Chimelong and Hongkong Disney as the representative of the Southern China theme park market will undoubtedly in a more intense competition.

Although there are a lot of theme parks in China, the experts believe that the current theme park in China is not an excess, but in short supply, through the comprehensive consideration of the stages, trend and demand of China's tourism consumption, the project needs more experience in the content and combination. High quality theme park project cannot be same with the traditional project, but it needs to provide higher standards of user experience in the hardware and software services.

For create quality user experience, the theme park should be more features in the project design, product presentation, interactive the audience etc. And as the main carrier of information presentation and interaction between human and machine, the large screen display system takes on the important mission of creating the unique attraction of the theme park.

As the outdoor display areas of traditional strengths products, LED display with high brightness, low power consumption, without splicing, long service life, can realize the arbitrary shape etc. advantages become exhibition, display of the theme park mainstream equipment.

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