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Industry 4.0 can push China’s LED display industry?

Industry 4.0 is well known from a project in the high-tech strategy of the German government. It is impact on China’s manufacturing industry in quickly.

The term "Industry 4.0" refers to the fourth industrial revolution. What is “industry 4.0” different? As everyone knows, Industry 1.0 to achieve a "mass production" (the invention of the steam engine), Industry 2.0 to achieve “electrification of production” (the wide application of electricity), Industry 3.0 to achieve “automated production” (Standardization of products), while industry 4.0 to achieve “customized production”, and custom cycle is short, quick and easy production.

With the new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth of integration, industry 4.0 is causing far-reaching industrial revolution, and formation of new production methods, industrial patterns, business models and economic growth. Internet economy gradually combined with traditional manufacturing, it brings huge market potential. Some experts believe that even though China in the traditional industry with the world advanced manufacturing there is gap, but there is a better foundation in information and communication technology, "Industry 4.0" provide a better catch up chance for China.

But the LED display industry did not able to keep up with the speed of the internet economy, Missing customized production of machinery and equipment in led display industry, so LED display device still cannot catch up with the world's advanced manufacturing in currently.

On other hand, LED display is labor-intensive industries, now, recruitment difficulties and labor costs rising to become general situation, how to break this difficult? We can use automated manufacturing machinery gradually replaced the human work, but even so, the led display industry at the stage of industry 3.0.

Of course, industry 4.0 to solve customer problems as mainly mode is worth learning LED display companies. So manufacturing enterprises not only for hardware sales in the feature, but by providing after-sales service and other follow-up services to get more added value. With “information” function become the new core of hardware products, and mean that individual needs, mass customization will become a trend. Currently, personalized and customized service is the explore direction to some of the LED display companies.
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