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LED control system - one parts of the LED Display Engineering Cost


The first part: the screen body Screen is the primary parts of the LED display engineering cost, is also the most important part of. Choose what specifications of the module, directly determine the engineering cost. LED display is the most essential role in advertising, as a propaganda window, if three days two head out of the question, both the waste of manpower and financial resources, and can't play a propaganda effect, it is not worth the cost. So when select material, as far as possible to choose good quality, after-sales service also want a good manufacturer, with strength, but the service good faith is not enough or distress. In terms of price, in the end product will be the first choice, although the price is low, but can't guarantee the quality of manufacturers, basic can give up.

The second part: the steel structure, also can saying is installation, such as hanging, or lifting, single column, or the double post, the different way, different materials, the cost is not the same, installation of artificial cost, of course, also must be taken into account.

The third part: accessories a pay attention to the effect and quality of the display screen, nature is little not accessories. Have the audio effect, for instance, have to match the audio power amplifier device; Considering the other factors, we also can increase the power distribution cabinets, computers, air conditioners, etc. Of course this all depends on the engineering required.

The fourth part: the LED display control system, there are generally two kinds of synchronous and asynchronous, but now most support synchronization.

The fifth part: the wire part wire a bridging role, screen, the greater the need of the wire.
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