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How To Cool the LED Display in Hot Day

For summer coming, the LED display not only should be in addition to lightning, but also 

pay attention to the hot weather, particularly outdoor LED display. Some area's outdoor 

temperature in summer sometimes as high as 38°,40°and the display still kept working. 

There are three ideas to keep the outdoor led display cooling:

Good Material
LED display by the mask, circuit boards, the bottom shell composed of fire proof, 

waterproof plastic body is also an important part of the screen. Masks and pan in all its 

quality verified by functional PC with flame retardant fiberglass material. Board the jet 

black conformal coating, to prevent weathering and corrosion.

To solve the heat problem
Need to be adjusted from the exterior design and internal structure, the use of hollow 

design, precision design of high-density circuit boards. Interior design through the air 

using a macro, the plot does not produce rain, without causing dangerous electrical short 


Installation Specification
LED displays are high-power electrical short circuit prone. However, high-quality display 

from the wire to short circuit structures Du dicision. And professional and technical 

personnel regularly scheduled display testing, inspection.
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