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LED display company follow the market trends to survive

LED display gradually has recognized by the user rely on seamless splice, display precision, energy-saving and longer life etc. advantage. The most common is a large display, it will pose a great load , at the same times, installation has some difficulty. Lightweight is the inevitable requirement of the market for led display industry.

In fact, some of the LED display more and more thinner and lighter through continuous technical improvements, the size is also shrinking, and it can Comparable with DLP and LCD display devices. 

Grasp lightweight is very meaningful to led display manufactures, This not only can save material, easy installation and maintenance, eliminate certain security risks, and promote LED display business application development, but also in boosting the LED display market continued to advance civil. User self-maintenance, easy to install, implement accounted for less space, LED display will be beneficial to fly into the homes of ordinary people.

Outdoor LED displays are widely used, but the pitch is usually large, the corresponding horizontal and vertical viewing distance is large, It feels too far away, As information media, in order to achieve the best advertising effectiveness, it is necessary to smaller viewing distance.

It is a difficult problem on how to reduce the visual distance to LED display manufacturers. The best viewing distance is based on the spacing, outdoor small pitch’s technology to become the biggest obstacle. Along with the reduced spacing, imagery screen will also fine, we can watch clear even if in case of close. Therefore, a small spacing outdoor LED display screen will be able to reduce the distance between the viewer. With the distance closer, strengthening the dissemination of results of the media.

Overall, following the market trend, in fact is insight into market needs, and then adjust the direction of enterprise development.
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