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How to Expand the Lifespan of LED Display?


LED display is a good thing, but how to expand its lifespan? LED display have lifespan as other electronic product. Although its theory lifespan should be 100000h, approx more than 11 years, but the reality situation is not so positive. Generally, 6~8 years is ok, merely have LED display can reach 10 years or above, especially for outdoor one. While the good news is that, LED display can bring us unexpected effect if we pay attention to some details.

The affecting factor range from raw material and standarded production & assemble;The direct factor such as Electronic Components (chip, lamp, driving IC ect), quality of power supply, are usually ignored by buyer.Therefore, it’s pretty important to use premium quality LED lamp, good reputation power supply and other raw material.Chips is base of the stabability of lamp, high quality lamp require each batch should go through standardize test such as High temperature and high humidity, high temperature aging, To ensure its function of Reliability and good-performance. Driving IC, is the one that can solve problem of high refresh, high grey scale, Excellent low white balance, and Hidden light. Power supply is pretty important either, it working stability, output Voltage, and Max. Voltage may be different with the temperature, so it’s stablility directly effect the serurity and quality of LED display.

What’s more, Premium controller can avoid the missing of signal, improve the comformity,confirm no phenomenon of color difference or patchs. Regarding to the process of production, below steps will make great difference:

1)Anti-static measures( such as wearing Static ring, anti static clothing), dust free room and production line can avoid the demage to electronic component in the maximize degree.

2)Enough aging and debugging time before delivery to assure 100% ok.

3)As for package, marked wih fragile on the surface of plywood or paper.If it’s necessary take measure for anti-Hydrochloric acid corrosion when delivery by sea.

4)Daily maintenance can make a greatly difference. such as clear the dust regularly to keep good heat-dissipation. What’s more, avoid stay in whole white or green condition in long that there is no phenomenon of short-circuit caused by Current amplification, cable heating. When broadcast program at night, better to automatically adjust brightness according to surrounding environment, which can not only save energy, but also expand the LED display’s lifespan.

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