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How To Reduce LED Display Light Attenuation?


The light attenuation always is the maintenance problem on the large LED digital display and dot matrix display, in addition to use air conditioning, LED also need to adopt constant current measures. The pixel that composed by a plurality of LED is dynamic when under the control of light up alternately, so the constant current produced by integrated circuit IC and does not match it. And the solution is to use MZD thermistor, it don’t need to change the original circuit configuration, only need to add a WMZD thermistor before or after each pixel, and make the pixel as resistance “bulb”, in this way can reduce the LED display light decay economically.

The choosing of WMZD is according to LED pixel current and parallel number, such as if the pixel is composed by 4 to 6 LED/18 ~ 20mA in series, then can add a WMZD-A20 thermistor in the loop, when the ambient temperature changes from -40℃ ~ 120℃, the pixel current is always maintained at 18 ~ 20mA, it prevents the LED light attenuation effectively, and A20 thermistor power consumption is less than 60 mW.

If LED pixel modules is 100mA, then can use a WMZD-B100 in the circuit, if the module is 200mA, then use a B100, the consumption of B100 is less than 65 mW.

In short, the use of WMZD thermistor in large LED screen is a technological innovation, it don’t need complex changing, you can prove its effectiveness just by a display module, thermometer, ammeter, ovens or heaters.

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