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Why LED Display May Overtake Static Billboard


  Static billboards may be on their way out following advertisers’ preference for their mobile liquefied electronic display (LED) counterparts, advertising chief, Mr. Akin Adelegan, has said.

  A static billboard is a form of outdoor advertising board stationed while mobile LED billboard is a new form of billboard that uses a liquefied electronic display to expose advert materials.In addition, led display can be play a variety of screen effects through LED control system solutions 

  Adelegan, Chief Executive Officer of Advertange, said LED mobile advertising billboard’s technology would make its static LED counterpart look ordinary.

  The LED mobile platform, he said, is better than static billboard because of its cost effectiveness and flexibility in field deployment.

  Noting that the LED mobile platform is strategic to outdoor advertising, he said: “So, you must now strategise. If this is the new trend in the industry, I do not want my brand to look inferior, I also want to be there, but you must use your senses to decide how to get the best from what you are paying for. Rather than spend almost N100 million for a location, why not spend same for a mobile LED board that will move round Lagos,” he noted.

  Adelegan said the growing need for a platform that can enhance brands’ exposure and the yearning of the market, attracted his company into the business with importation of  about  eight mobile LED outdoor trucks for would be clients’ use.

 “The mobile LED outdoor advertising is a child of necessity because the industry is evolving and the latest technology in terms of outdoor is LED. People are fed up of just seeing the static billboard; they want something that could retain much of the attention.”

 “What we had before now is the static LED but the challenge in that is that they are fixated in one location and it is not every route you can put static billboard. It is restricted to some highways and the cost of constructing them, getting approval from the Ministry of Environment, LASAA, FERMA, the process of constructing those giant LED boards is a bit cumbersome.

 “There are instances where some have even collapsed. There are instances it takes many months to complete. It is not a pick and go thing. It is intensive and when you have maintenance issues, the whole thing has to be shut down.

 “We felt that there is vacuum, people want LED, but it cannot be in all location,that was why we started introducing the mobile LED platforms. It is a big screen and you can take it everywhere, big markets and different locations.

  Though there are few mobile advertising agencies in the industry but his agency, Advertange, is out to provide mobile LED billboard that has cutting edge advantage over others already available.

 “We wanted an edge in the area of LED; we brought in the one with sight and sound. Ours come with five thousand waltz speakers, bigger screen and it is elevating too.

 “What we are saying is that apart from using it as a static medium, where you can just put ordinary billboard, it could serve as something that could be used for brand campaign, road shows; slot in the video, anywhere the truck gets to, it will bring people round it with music playing and there could even be an interactive session with the brand.

 Providing some specific advantages of his mobile LED boards, he said, “Our mobile LED comes in two versions; one side is LED display, the other side is a scroller, that means, if one of the side is showing digital screen, the other side is a back lit LED Scroller, which could display more than ten messages of what the brand is about or can do.

 “Then, the other one, both sides are LED display Another advantage of ours is that it has streamer on top of the screen. So aside the screen displaying video, it can be giving you messages about a product.

 “The screens are also internet connected and this means we can be playing the message or video in Lagos, Abuja and PH. Our trucks could be used for concert; it is just plug and play. If there is a concert, you just drive in there.”

 Stating another advantage of mobile LED, he said the cinema can be re-awakened through the platform, a new business opportunity he said his agency is looking at.

“Now, everybody has to go to Silverbird Cinema and other enclosed cinemas in the country. So we are looking for brands, which could say give me six of these LED trucks to show live matches or films to a selected audience,” he told.

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