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Future development of the intelligent display


New intelligent control concept put forward by Auroled

Control system is an important unit in the LED display. The development of the intelligent LED display is inseparable from the control system. The intelligent concept of LED display is not heard for the first time. But, it is still difficult to simply and humanely operate the LED display like the other devices. Auroled puts forward the new concept: the LED display is controlled by IPad. Its mobile intelligent control system AUPAD100 is designed for high-end users. Through IPad, it can adjust the brightness in various large displays; make the synchronous monitoring and switching for the 6-way 1080P HD video source/camera; realize real-time synchronous/asynchronous linear records, volume adjustment, songs on demand at any time, etc. R&D director Liu Peng in Auroled thinks that the so-call smart display at least has four elements: intelligent display, intelligent control, intelligent direction, intelligent upgrade. The smart display in his company can realize the simple operation in the smart displaying through the necessary hardware updates and software updates and use of AUPAD100.

Auroled is a company to propose the intelligent display in earlier time, and also to develop the mobile intelligent control system, so injecting fresh blood and elements in the LED display industry.


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