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Outdoor display pays attention to the LED display


According to the definition from Baidu encyclopedia, the outdoor advertising generally refers to the advertisement set in the outdoor environment. Common outdoor advertisings are: roadside billboards, column or pillar billboards, light boxes, neon signs, LED billboards, and etc. At present, lift-off balloons and airships are used for the outdoor advertising.

LED display as a latecomer has become very popular in the entire outdoor advertising industry. The annual report about LED display applications (2012) from China points out, “in the field of outdoor advertising media, the proportion of LED display application products is increasing high. The phoenix media as one of the earliest involver in the LED display layout has a compound annual growth rate of 200% or more in the past three years with the new media including the LED business increasing from less than 10% to more than 40%. In 2012, the LED media network in the Phoenix media, Tulip media and so forth began to radiate into small and medium-sized cities. Some of powerful advertising media companies began to construct a greater range of LED display networks.


LED display as the fourth generation of new media, features environmental protection, energy saving, high resolution imaging, exquisite natural color, video and text, broad view angle, and so forth. It is a perfect combination of high-tech and traditional media, meeting the relevant needs in the ads market.


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