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Colorlight Sparkles & Shines at Annual Technology & Product Launch Event



On August 8th, our annual launch event for our technology and products achieved a perfect conclusion in Shenzhen Kylin Villa, which attracted a crowd of people from the LED industry. Before the event, our clients were quite curious about what we were going to showcase. After the event, they not only acknowledged the detailed information of our new released products and  looked forward to witnessing all these amazing technologies to improve their LED screen effects.

i9_A Brand New Receiving Card for Small Pitch



Colorlight always keeps pace with the development of the LED industry. We have learned that a small pitch is a fast-developing tendency in the LED screen market which is so far a warm welcome to the market and will be a popular product in the future. Alex first showcased our i9 Receiving Card, a “black horse” in control system zone, which not only possessed a delicate black design, but was equipped with powerful functions inside. Its maximum controlled area is up to 512*384 and also includes advanced functions based on the i6 Receiving Card, offering you a perfect effect and guaranteed stable working condition. Moreover, what makes it extraordinary is that it applies Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) as well as AlphaGo artificial intelligence, which makes it easier to realize automatic connections. With all these advanced technologies, our control system has reached a brand-new level of innovation.

Z6 Super Controller, a versatile machine came into being


Alex has quoted the “first principle” to explain the design intention of our product, which refers to how all of our products are matched to the customer’s requirements. This first starts from the customers’ end and their preferences, then circulates back to our customers. In recent years, the advanced equipment requires more and more powerful functions, therefore some suppliers prefer to mix different types of interfaces or chips together into a so-called “all-in-one” machine, which creates more hidden risks because of the compatibility problems. On the contrary, Colorlight successfully invented our X-series and Z-series based on the application of the “first principle”, combining the valuable suggestions from our customers at home and abroad. Z6 is the first device that supports 4k@60Hz input via one single interface, that is, with one HDMI 2.0 interface, allowing you to realize 4K pixel to pixel displays specially designed for high-end projects. Moreover, you don’t need to rely on the software condition; Z6 has built-in processor and can work under different types of software, which is quite flexible without the environmental restriction.

The Intuitive Colorlight Clever Cloud


Colorlight Clever Cloud aims at making LED displays more intelligent and interactive to create more value to our customers. Based on the synchronous system, it stands out with its perfect display effects, together with its universality and maturity. Equipped with advanced hardware, including the latest Android platform, 4 cores * 1.6GHz processors and a-4 cores video card, it possesses precision GPS timing to achieve synchronization on multiple screens. Based on the Colorlight Clever Cloud, our C-series players have been covered in various advertising applications. 

Colorlight Designer Conference 2017


Colorlight Designer Conference 2017 is coming soon. We developed a new platform to help our customers gain extra value with Colorlight’s latest technology & products. See you soon.



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