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Colorlight wins big at infoComm2017 Orlando


Orlando, United States, June 17 2017. Keeping pace with the LED display industry’s development, Colorlight showcased versatile products that related to native 4K input resolution, cloud services cluster management, low latency and 3D demonstration, as well as user-friendly Calibration and iSet software.


infoComm2017 is the largest professional trade fair in North America for audio/visual communications, which provides a global marketplace to seek for our dealers. It is a great honor to witness the excellent visual feast, especially for what Colorlight has achieved this year. 

Z6 super controller featured video processing with native 4K input

Our Z6 super controller is one of the sparkling points during the show. Visitors were quite curious about the amazing visual experience behind its various interfaces (HDMI 2.0, DVI*4, SDI*2, GENLOCK, 16 Gigabit Ethernet Neutrik connector). With native 4K input, the Z6 controller provides impressive pixel processing power; Compatible with reliable and easy-to-use software, Z6 controller guarantees you full-show control and provides with the best visual effects ever.


Cloud Services Cluster Management via Compact C4 Player

Our kiosk design area of “Colorlightcloud” attracted numerous visitors, not only because of its “show window screen” design, but its superior display effects (stable & frequent text/image/video performance) for advertisements. All these three “kiosks” were powered by our brand new C4 Player, as show on our site, possessing precision GPS timing to achieve synchronization on multiple screens which enabled perfect cluster management. Without geographic restrictions, you can view your screen status unlimitedly and publish content in groups or other patterns.



Intuitive and High Efficient iSet & Calibration Software for LED Screen

Customers pay more attention to overall efficiency in recent years, with intuitiveness and high efficiency their primary concerns when making their product selections. No wonder that Colorlight’s software is the preferred choice for many rental or fixed projects. Our iSet software has transformed the quick map setting to operate easier and faster, offering the power and capacity to set up the screen in several clicks from debug to operation. As for the 14-bit high-precision calibration system, which reaches CS2000 accuracy, it is a necessity to renew or deal with LED screen issues either on single cabinet or whole-screens, and has been adopted in a wide range of applications. “Actions speak louder than words”, as our US colleagues have demonstrated. These two software applications on-site let our customers experience the real functions the hardware possesses. We appreciate how they have given high appraisal and positive feedback on our demonstrations.


Vivid 3D visual experience, 2D/3D Mode One Key Switch

Colorlight’s 3D sender enables us to watch flat images in three dimensions, and has been getting much better than its original version. Images become even more realistic, approving our slogan “BETTER THAN THE REAL”, which offers our guests a vivid experience of “food fighting”. Thanks to Colorlight’s 3D sender, more and more 3D projects have been generating in the public places or personal areas. Moreover, it enables us to switch 2D/3D patterns in one device. All these improvements have led to a fantastic 3D viewing experience.


Thank you  to all our customers for coming by, your support will be our motivation for unceasing innovation and development. See you all at infoComm2018 Las Vegas, where even more surprises await us!


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