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Showcasing the power of Colorlight in Russia Seminar


Colorlight has been dedicated to exploring overseas markets and to introduce our popular products all over the world. That being said, a wide-range of global events are just around the corner. Right after our US team attended infoComm16 in Las Vegas, our Russia group was busy preparing a local product launch event. On June 17th, Colorlight, Dicolor and RGBLink teamed up to host a successful products & technologies launch event in Moscow. One of the highlights of this conference should undoubtedly be the "powerful alliance", of all these three partners who are outstanding representatives from three different fields of the  LED industry. We present a much more specific structure of LED display from inside a dominant control system to the outside cabinet, combined with the video processor to provide more ideal solutions for our customers in a brand new form.

The conference began at 2 p.m. local time and all three partners introduced their own products, respectively. Colorlight mainly unveiled some representative products like the i6 Receiver, S6F smart Controller, C6 LED player and 3D project, and more which were quite popular among the LED display industry.
Featured with a compact size, i6 is a user-friendly, high-tech product which perfectly meets the majority of user requirements.
To fit in those tremendous projects, Colorlight designed a more powerful and intelligent controller with sending function, which simplifying all the complicated projects into one fiber tool. 
Our 3D project is rather popular in recent years because of its intuitive and convenience for our customers, providing the best viewing experience ever.




After Russian launch event, Colorlight Russia Group will stage a variety of training schedules for the local customers, as our sales manager Samuel concluded, “Stay with Colorlight, stay with opportunities". We will continue to provide you with our latest leading technologies and advanced products. Ultimately, the "powerful alliance" did make a difference in the LED display industry, more and more new developing and upcoming technologies. Let's expect Colorlight to keep growing in leaps and bounds.

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