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Colorlight provides led display controller system for New Summer Palace in Hengdian

Colorlight provides led display controller system for New Summer Palace in Hengdian

"A breathtaking journey, a romantic story of eternal love ..."  In New Summer Palace, there was a water show performance program on 9th May . Its name was “Dream Yuanming”


Using the world's most cutting-edge technology to deduce the Chinese cultural elements, "Dream Yuanming" tells a large-scale laser multimedia fantasy mythical story. Hengdian group cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhejiang University and Korea KT Group , to build the new Summer Palace, led by Tech elements such as LED video, laser array, searchlight group, and more, retaining the essence of traditional culture while simultaneously blending with modern technology so that China's classical culture became more lively and more accepted.


The water show program, where there was "Moonshroud" props hung up in the air, is the largest LED video image in the world, consisting of 3000 units of LED display. Colorlight provided the LED display controller system for it.

The water show program lasted 40 minutes, and its executive director Han Haibin participated in the Universiade Shenzhen, the Beijing Olympic Games, and other major stage designs. The program’s dub is Bao Guoan, the first-order national actor and professor of the Central Academy of Drama, who played Cao Cao in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms".


There is no vacancy on grandstand that night, Guests from all walks of life are welcome to watch the show.

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