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Ceremoniously Held Colorlight 2016 Product & Technology Launch Tour


        On May 5th, Colorlight hosted an excellent product & technology launch debut that has surpassed expectations in Shenzhen Kylin Villa. The activity life is bustled with joy and enthusiasm and the participants are organized systematically, presenting a prosperous scene.

        The conference focused on “Expressing ? Excavating ? Exploring” as its theme, which is included in Colorlight’s new era of innovation in advanced technology, qualified products, brilliant solutions, and new opportunities on how to innovate and develop in the LED display industry. 

        Colorlight has insisted on creating more value for customers through innovation like the intent of this conference. Through innovating the series of receiving, smart controllers, and Internet plus applications, the chief speaker set forth and demonstrated the innovative technology of controlled systems on customer experience and value promotion.

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With the progress of technology, consumers are increasingly interested in “tiny size”. Small figures are required not only on LED display pitches, but also on the controller card. Colorlight keeps pace with the times, breaking the size limit of controller cards through innovation, and creating a smaller, lighter, thinner i6 Receiving Card that is only 68*33mm.


        According to Mr. Zhou, the CEO of Colorlight and chief speaker of the conference, what i6 possesses is not only the tiny size, but the all-in-one innovative technology like auto calibration, seam compensation, visible connections and auto-mapping, positioning faulty modules rapidly and at low latency, and more.

        As everyone knows, it is almost inevitable that some problems like bright/dark lines or chromatism may arise during LED display module splicing, which takes considerably large manpower and time to resolve. However, things would be much easier after i6 is released, as it can manually restore on site and separate calibration data, which is intuitive and won't affect seam compensation, thereby be described as “one card in hand, the most incredible LED performance ever”. 


       It is worth mentioning that the i6 Receiving Card has almost zero frame delay and is totally synchronized, an important feature for LED displays to enter high-end screen fields. Meanwhile, calibration data is reserved on the module, which can be auto calibrated. As chairman Zhou claimed, “Calibration can be as simple as nothing has happened before”. Currently, the i6 Receiving Card has been widely used in the market by  virtue of its powerful advantages, whereas Mr. Zhou explained what i6 was dreamed for is far beyond that. Mr. Zhou said, “The market is progressing rapidly, especially today, and i6 will not be the top standard of Colorlight i-series, since our innovation will keep going”. 


        The control system requires higher loading capacity as the LED display resolution increases. For that, Colorlight introduced the S-series Smart Controller during the conference, which has pioneered with a breakthrough 3840*1080@60Hz, not only possessing more loading capacity, but consisting of greater functionality.


It is reported that the S-series Smart Controller possesses 4*2.5 Gbps optical fiber interface, a tremendous change from previous complex and large area LED screens. The building scene to one optical fiber is much more convenient in LED screen buildings. Besides, it realizes cascade and splicing, global network programming, controlling, and monitoring once connected to the Internet.


When the Internet swept over the world, big data, cloud computing and Internet plus applications become a trend, and LED control systems + Internet has become a major research topic for current control system manufacturers. As for Colorlight’s Internet application innovations, Mr. Zhou claims, “Save the computer, no need to adopt sending cards, and hereby save more money”. To this end, Colorlight displays innovation through the pursuit for Colorlighter in the Internet arena through the combination of hardware (C series: embedded networking system) + software (LED elf APP). On the one hand, it can enhance customer experience while maximizing savings on costs, at the same time through hardware innovation. On the other hand, it realizes resource sharing and optimization through Internet plus technology.


        Mr. Zhou demonstrates Colorlight’s latest LED elf APP with its four sparkling characteristics: knowledge learning, solution programming, screen controlling, and technology support during the conference. The on-site audiences were allowed to experience the rapid reaction and convenience of the control system during this mobile Internet era. 

        During the exchange of product promotion and technology sharing, Colorlight 2016 Product & Technology Launch Conference (Shenzhen) comes to a successful conclusion. The path for technology innovation still has a long way to go, and Colorlight’s future is worth expecting!

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