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Outdoor LED display routine maintenance notes


Many reasons can cause outdoor LED display damage; LED display is needed to waterproof, dust proof, heat radiation, and corrosion proof, anti - static, lightning protection, anti - small animals, and regular maintenance and repair. Generally speaking, outdoor LED display maintenance mode is mainly clean, fastening, appearance inspection, correction

Outdoor LED display clean 

1.   Cabinet internal cleaning

For lower IP protection of the LED display, especially for outdoor LED display, atmospheric dust from the ventilation holes into the device, the fan will accelerate the wear, tear and damage, the dust will fall inside the LED display control device surface, reducing thermal and insulating performance, the event of wet days gas dust absorption of moisture in the air cause the short circuit, over a long period of time can also lead to PCB and electronic element of mildew, resulting in equipment, technical performance decline and failure, the LED display equipment cleaning work seemingly is simple, but, it is very important for the maintenance work. When cleaning the dust inside the LED display screen please be carefully and cut off the power supply.

 2. Screen surface cleaning

LED display needed cleaning the dust after long-term working. First of all to consider the purchase of a better quality of the clean suit, such as the general electrolyte, high purity distilled water, anti-static liquid, etc., they can effectively clean the dust and other dirty marks on the LED screen.


    Outdoor LED display fastening

  Large scale LED display is a high power consumption equipment, Running for quite a long time, due to repeated start stop and run, which part of the power supply terminal due to hot and cold will cause the loose contact with prison, virtual connection, serious will heating ignition next to a plastic element and signal terminals will also due to changes in environmental temperature cold loose, moisture, erosion resulting in poor contact and subsequently lead to device failure. Therefore, it is necessary to often check equipment connecting piece fastening degree to ensure that it is effective   

   Outdoor LED display screen inspection

It is refers to the appearance of the display device to do a visual or measurement observation, inspection. Include equipment outside surface crack damage; whether the power distribution communication cable line is normal. For high IP protection devices, although the adoption of the high reliability of the components and connectors, but resulted in the closed has become a key factor. So we must regularly check seal intact situation for steel structure for outdoor screen to check the surface paint and corrosion. At the same time, it should be regularly on the display of the heat radiating lightning protection equipment for maintenance.


    Calibration of outdoor LED display

 LED display’s theoretical life is 100000 hours, but in fact, a LED display in the operation of about 5000 to 10000 hours later will be even worse, the commercial value will reduced, this time we need to calibration point one by one.


    Preparations before calibration the LED display screen

 1Clean the LED display, remove the dust and dirt on the face and face mask, avoid the influence of the light. If you need to change the mask, please ensure that the color of the mask is consistent with the same, otherwise it will be affected, especially during the day, but also to improve the correction;

 2Replace the bad module:  Such as part of light does not shine, so many dead light, scanning is not normal, the whole light too dark (may be the resistance is wrong), flat cable or socket problem affect the LED display, and so on. To ensure that the final LED display can be display, scanning, the picture is normal, no dark, Chang Liang, and even the phenomenon of light and other phenomena can be.

 3 Upgrade receive card: you need to upgrade receive card if it does not support the calibration or its load capacity not enough. Due to upgrade the receive card has risk, the custom need to contact the control system company to upgrade and related processing.


 Finally, large-scale display in the operation of the operator should pay attention to the inspection, allophone, peculiar smell, different light phenomena were observed, and display such as is not a long time, again put to use prior to the inspection. It is worth noting is that surface mount LED display screen for a long time, not to use can lead to reliable performance degradation, a week recommended the use of 1 hour above and reduce tidal erosion of the display screen. 

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